December 2018 Event! Philadelphia Community Corps & Urban Village

Volunteers combining paint into full cans for sale at Philadelphia Community Corps!

Volunteers combining paint into full cans for sale at Philadelphia Community Corps!

Around the holidays, it seems everyone is trying to give back in some way - big or small. Whether you’re dropping a few coins into a Salvation Army kettle or working at your local soup kitchen, you’re reminded of the power of community. One of our all-time best partners, and first three-peat event partner, is Philadelphia Community Corps who is no stranger to giving back - regardless of what the calendar says. To make sure you’re there when we work together a fourth time, sign-up for our newsletter.

Philadelphia Community Corps

By now, you all probably know a great deal about their work and our work with them, but PCC really is an amazing organization. This month in particular we were helping prepare them for a big move - they’ll be upgrading their facilities and helping even more Philadelphians preserve salvage items and training even more to help save them in the future.


Our crew helped with a wide-variety of projects, including mixing paint cans! This is not exactly what it sounds like, but is very cool. PCC saves open paint cans from jobs sites and gets them donated by Philadelphians who no longer need them, and then blend them together to form a lost cost, totally unique paint color. Thankfully we brought ponchos to keep everyone wearing the same color they arrived in that day!

The team also moved tons of bricks, doors, and other items throughout the warehouse. This helps keep things clean, organized, and ready for review next time you’re in the neighborhood.

Urban Village Brewing

We are huge fans of this brew crew in NoLibs! Last December, we lucked into the perfect amount of snow while we were warmed by the wood-ovens (and winter beers) inside. This December was a little more mild, but still extremely cozy and inviting.

Check our Urban Village on 2nd Street in Northern Liberties!