September 2018 Event! Muscular Dystrophy Association & Finn McCool's

Our volunteers had a great time helping MDA!

Our volunteers had a great time helping MDA!

When our BFFs in Chicago and Baltimore told us about the great work they did with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, we were all-in! At the heart of MDA’s mission are families - the organization was started over 65 years ago by a group of those affected by the disease. As the VU family grows across the country, we’re proud to contribute to this important mission in Philadelphia. If you want to join our volunteer family, sign-up here.

Muscular dystrophy association

Our volunteers spent their second Saturday working out of the Innovation Lab at the City of Philadelphia’s Municipal Services Building. The Lab is a space made available to residents of the city and utilized by the most innovative (obvi) programs the City has to offer. We were very appreciative of the team at SERVE who helped us take advantage of the many tables, chairs, and presentation set-up to get our volunteers organized and keep them productive!


For three hours, we had 40 Philadelphia volunteers doing the good work that MDA requires to make an impact. Writing Thank You letters, birthday cards, and organizing packets of information to plan and execute fundraising events might not sound like much, but 120 (wo)man hours is huge for any non-profit organization. As the largest source of funding for neuromuscular disease research outside of the federal government, MDA has committed more than $1 billion since their inception to accelerate the discovery of therapies and cures (via the MDA website). None of those accomplishments can come without the dedication of volunteers and staff to the MDA mission.

Finn McCool’s

After an exciting morning of helping MDA secure funding and keep their process moving forward, the crew took a short walk over to Finn McCool’s for a few pints. We had great specials, great service, and of course an amazing group of Philadelphia’s finest volunteers!


Yes - you do see a few Young Involved Philadelphia ambassadors pictured above - and yes, that is foreshadowing for our next event!!! We can’t thank Finn McCool’s enough for their hospitality, and we can’t wait to come back next time we’re in Center City!