August 2017 event! Bartram's Garden & Dock Street Brewery

Our board falling in line for a Batram's Mile Selfie!

Our board falling in line for a Batram's Mile Selfie!

In the nation’s oldest botanical garden, it’s easy to stop and smell the roses, or the mugwort. Mugwort, you say? What’s that? Well it happens to be related to the source of absinthe and no we definitely didn’t try any - we were saving room for beers and pizza at Dock Street!

bartram's garden

Bartram’s Garden is a 45-acre National Historic Landmark, operated by the John Bartram Association in cooperation with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. It is a destination and an outdoor classroom, living laboratory, and membership organization for ever-expanding audiences―over 50,000 each year and counting! 

We love that it's located in a neighborhood that lacks traditional access to green spaces and waterfront areas, and Bartram's Garden provides both in addition to education and community building. To make a long story short, they rule. And we were thrilled to be able to help them clear the way to regrow a particular wetland area on the property. It took us three hours to do what was estimated as three weeks worth of work for their typical staff - an impact we're proud of! 

In particular, we were pulling tons and tons of Mugwort - a close relative of Artemisia absinthium, which was the key ingredient in absinthe for many years. This variety is less interesting in terms of consumption, and actually quite harmful to the local ecosystem. Now they'll use it as part of their compost operation at the Greenhouse and Farm on-site!

You can find information on visiting and supporting Bartram's Garden on their website

dock street brewery

Another important neighborhood institution, Dock Street Brewery, was the natural choice for our August #Afterjawn and it was sorely needed. Our crew fought through the heat and humidity of the morning and spent a cool, relaxing afternoon with great beer and some of the BEST pizza around. 

You can learn more about their amazing beer, food, and location (old firehouse? so cool!) at their website and on their Instagram.